Watuaga Greens is an Urban Farm located in Watuaga Texas.

We specialize in Living Foods because of their potent health benefits and delicious flavor. Our mission is to improve the health and sustainability of our local community.

Healthy journey

100% Clean & Fresh

Pure agro services

Rich in nutrients but no formal or defect

Free Delivery in the North Fort Worth Area

All products are grown to order and delivered weekly to homes, workplaces, juice bars, health food stores, restaurants, yoga studios, and fitness centers.

  • Get Back to Healthy Life
  • Wake Up Refreshed
  • Set a Healthier Lifestyle
  • Boost Energy & Metabolism

Implement living foods into your current diet to increase the nutrient content of your meals and improve overall health.

Living foods are grown more sustainably compared to conventional agriculture practices. They use less water, need no fertilizer or pesticides, and use less land via vertical farming. Our growing trays are reused and our growing medium is composted. Locally grown food results in less pollution from transportation and a more sustainable community.


Available Varieties

We are constantly looking for new microgreens to make available for our customers. Below are some of the popular microgreens we offer. We have a total of 16 different microgreen options to choose from. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates when we add new varieties to our menu.



Free Delivery Available Now

We deliver every week, all year long. Just leave a cooler out and we will drop off your fresh living foods on a weekly basis. Never forget to eat your veggies again. Enhance and sustain your health with living foods!


Delivery Available Now

We deliver to North Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Adding more areas soon. Email us if you have any question about your delivery area

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If you have an idea, we would love to hear about it.